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Lowongan Kerja Head of Water Stewardship, IT Analyst-Infra & Security, Packaging Development Manager, Regional Ecosystem Coordinator, Accounting & Reporting Manager – Danone

Lowongan Kerja Head of Water Stewardship, IT Analyst-Infra&Security, Packaging Development Manager, Regional Ecosystem Coordinator, Accounting&Reporting Manager - Danone

Danone Group adalah perusahaan multiinternasional yang memproduksi berbagai jenis makanan dan minuman. Perusahaan mengklaim sebagai pemimpin di pasar produk turunan susu atau air minum dalam kemasan.


Head of Water Stewardship

Job Description

  • Conceptualize, drive, and execute solutions of water resources challenges.
  • Undertaking activities including: supporting the water stewardship acceleration plan; leading program planning, designing project business plan, implementing work plans; providing technical assistance with projects on the ground; assisting in day to day tasks related to program execution.
  • Design and Lead water stewardship internal governance (Water Stewardship Committee) & SWAN process
  • In support of the Head of Water Stewardship Program – undertake standard project management tasks as appropriate including drafting project concepts, leading socio-economic studies implementation, preparation of budgets and work plans, support the management and supervision of contracts with consultants and partners, as well as completing timely reports to Danone top management.
  • Support the implementation of the Water Stewardship approach of the Danone Waters WBU, help advocate and promote collective actions in catchment governance, engage factory teams in water stewardship process, support monitoring of activities and build interest/incentives in improved water resources management
  • Having regular connections with local and international NGO, communities, government agencies, influencers and key opinion leaders.
  • Be responsible for communicating water stewardship strategy and plan, working with both internal and external stakeholders and bringing them to life. Capture and effectively communicate in-depth technical knowledge to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Build and develop a strong team and distribute the workload equitably.
  • Spreading the importance of education and engaging the Indonesian public and to partner and view Danone Indonesia as a responsible and sustainable company.


  • Bachelor’s degree (Preferable Masters’-level degree) in an appropriate field (environment/natural resource management/sustainability/economics/ business / political science)
  • Excellent project management skills and proven initiative, work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Accountability and a commitment to Danone’s vision & mission.
  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural context and the ability to respect and work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Excellent communication skills in English – including writing, speaking and listening
  • Proven leadership qualities with the ability to work collaboratively and influence key stakeholders and at various levels of the organization
  • Expert relationship-building skills in all environments at all levels of the organization
  • Passion to make a change, strong business acumen, including basic knowledge in finance, marketing and operations.
  • Persistent and unwavering that we can create a better planet.
  • Engage and inspire stakeholders, create movements.
  • Be a great collaborator, ability to manage, empower and make grow different expert teams
  • High sensitivity to sustainability, nature, social business matters
  • Strong communication skills, Business acumen & collaborative mindset and attitude. Demonstrated excellent written/verbal communication skills.
  • Proven excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to investigate and analyze complex data and generate new ideas and solutions to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

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IT Analyst – Infra & Security

Job Description

CLIO Request

  • Monitor and execute service requests in CLIO with related server, data center, cloud services and security matters to achieve targeted service level.

Department Planning

  • Plan budgeting under area of responsibility in order to comply with stipulated rules.
  • Create plan and system change analysis for consolidation and efficiency.
  • Create short term and long term master plan to ensure effective and efficient day to day operations.

Server & Data Center Management

  • Liaise with ITCC on executing system replacement and system enhancement to maintain and improve current system workflow.
  • Elaborate several functions into one server system to improve operational efficiency.
  • Liaise with ITCC on executing system improvement regarding current issues to ensure operational continuity.
  • Liaise with ITCC on executing system server and database patches according to security compliance.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and analyzing system performance and review backup system.
  • Liaise with ITCC on monitoring, evaluating and analyzing server system performance in order to ensure the system is working properly.
  • Maintain and improve data center facilities including UPS, AC, FM200, Access control, CCTV, temp control, etc. to ensure proper maintenance for IT facilities.
  • Implement, review, and conduct DRP testing to ensure the availability of Danone’s critical systems during disaster.

Cloud Services Management

  • Analyzing, sizing & reviewing the service requirements from business then challenge and propose solution by optimizing the cost vs services.
  • Monthly review with cloud provider to ensure the services according to SLA.
  • Ensure all systems are backup and specific to any critical systems are covered by disaster recovery site.
  • Ensure the security assessments are in place and review periodically.
  • Provide and develop any related documentation and its standard operating procedure.
  • Liaise and collaborate with ITCC (when needed) to ensure the compliance and its standardization.

Security Management

  • Maintain and improve information security according to Danone group standards to ensure the protection of systems and information in storage, processing or transit from unauthorized access or modification through denying service to unauthorized users.
  • Liaise with ITCC to maintain and ensure windows group policies are applied accordingly.
  • Liaise with ITCC to maintain, test and ensure windows patches applied in all computers through WSUS.
  • Maintain the access of file servers to ensure proper maintenance of file servers.
  • Ensure SEP antivirus updated for all users and follow up virus incidents reported by group security to protect company’s data.
  • Develop, implement, and continuously review IS policies and procedures on regular basis to keep up with current IT security trend to ensure the security of Danone systems.
  • Develop and implement suitable materials for information security awareness and training programs to improve IT awareness among Danone Indonesia employees.

Project Execution

  • Control project to be executed in schedule and efficient budget in order to ensure effective and efficient execution.


  • Demonstrate good inter-personnel and communication skills with others at all levels.
  • Ability to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Good with detail, keen, able to work under pressure & working in team

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Packaging Development Manager

Job Description

  1. Packaging Portfolio Management and Road Map
    • Manage packaging development project portfolio, on track and manage each projects process as per SN governance (open way and secure way)
    • Manage packaging project as per Packaging Road Map clustering per brand
  1. R&I Project Leader
    • Ensure FTR deliverable according to agreed project KPIs
  1. Packaging validation (material and system)
    • Review packaging validation, taking into account compliance to latest Standard, harmonization/efficiency based on consolidated report from Specification team & QiD
    • To lead packaging validation in factory (specific packaging trial, material validation test)
    • Develop lab packaging evaluation test and Packaging Validation Procedure
    • To review packaging test/validation results, recommendation, proposal and next action to support to business.
    • Manage BoM of PM and FG during development
  1. Packaging Technology and Innovation
    • To share new packaging innovation align with packaging technology in factory level and supplier
    • To conduct packaging innovation workshop with supplier, C&P, and marketing to build packaging road map
    • To manage new packaging technology in factory
  1. Resource and Budget Allocation especially Packaging Trial
    • Manage and deliver the packaging cost, packaging trial, and packaging project with resource allocation and budget plans
  1. Packaging Sustainability
    • Manage and deliver of packaging innovation and renovation align with packaging sustainability road map and Danone Packaging Policy 2025

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Regional Ecosystem Coordinator

Job Description

  • Lead an inclusive projects portfolio in the Asia zone: from the project case elaboration, through its different maturity stages and until its hand over.
  • Ensure that the projects deliver their objectives for the Business units as well as their impact for the communities and on the environment and health
  •  Animate and coach a network of internal and external project managers and ensure best in class relationship with leading social organizations & institutions.
  • Build knowledge and ensure dissemination through collective intelligence.
  • Contribute to transversal topics and new type of business models with the Ecosysteme central team on Inclusive recycling (how to increase waste collection through waste pickers empowerment?) Regenerative Agriculture (how to best support farmers to transition to Regenerative Agriculture), etc.
  • be guardian of the Fund’s mission.

As Regional Ecosystem Fund Coordinator you will be responsible for:

  • Managing inclusive projects portfolio around sourcing, inclusive recycling, watershed protection and health topics
  • Interacting within the Cycle & Procurement global team and within the regional sustainability and marketing teams to support inclusive growth and Danone 2030 ambitions.
  • Ensuring the coaching of the projects, co-creation with the partners and representing the fund at the steering committees with Danone and GM partners.
  • Ensuring the impact of the project on the business through the achievement of the business objectives, its communication and connection to the brands
  • Ensuring the impact of the projects on the communities and environment.
  • Animating network community around Inclusive Recycling
  • Capturing and formalizing knowledge on inclusive business model and creating the proper tools/platforms to disseminate it
  • Translating social, economic and environmental impacts into shared value impact for the projects’ stakeholders
  • Contribute to the group events and communication

Ecosystem projects in Asia you will coordinate:

  • Inclusive recycling in Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Watershed protection and Regenerative Agriculture in Indonesia
  • Sustainable Coconut in Thailand


Experience & Technical Knowledge:

  • Min 5 years of relevant working experience in project management
  • Experience in food industry with exposure to upstream value chain and/or operations
  • Strong operational background
  • Knowledge in agriculture and/or circular economy

Skills & Competencies:

  • Organization skills and rigor + Flexibility/adaptability
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Relationship and mediation capabilities
  • Constructive mindset and openness
  • Leadership skills
  • Fluent in Bahasa and English (French is a plus)
  • Ability to travel within Indonesia and ASPAC (50%) and to Europe at least once a year

Untuk melamar posisi Regional Ecosystem Coordinator, silahkan masuk ke sini.


Accounting & Reporting Manager

Job Description

Accounting & Reporting Management:

  • Responsible to manage the General Accounting closing activities – compliance with the Group core model and with the local rules.
  • Review request form for GL Master Data for each respective CBU.
  • Review Journal Request Voucher and give approval or rejection for Journal Request Voucher, recurring journal, and mini GL files.
  • Assist the revaluation of each respective CBUs.
  • Perform lock and open period for current and following month in SAP.

Material and Stock Management:

  • Responsible for control over Material & Stock financial statements.
  • Responsible for timely and correctenss of stock interfaces to finance system.
  • Responsible for period-end closing activities related to Material & Stock accounting done by sites.
  • Responsible for period-end closing activities related to Material & Stock accounting :
    • Stock in transit adjustment.
    • Obsolete stock depreciation.
  • Perform analysis of variance of actual vs standard valuation stocks.

Financial Report:

  • Prepare financial reporting and ensure all financial information reported is strictly in line with the accounting records.
  • Responsible for the reporting timeliness of the management and statutory accounts of all CBUs.
  • Assist Lead to prepare the financial statements for local / legal requirements (eg. Pension trustees, minority shareholders, etc).
  • Assist Lead to support the CBUs in reporting financial forecast to the Group.
  • Support the field audit process through PICs coordination for data gathering.
  • Prepare draft statutory financial statements and perform archiving during audit report process.
  • Prepare the consolidation of actual reporting: Identify information required by CBUs and collect, compile and analyze financial and non-financialdata.
  • Prepare external report including financial statements and ensure it adheres to government regulation (e.g. BAPEPAM), other requirements of governing accounting bodies and GAAP in specific country.

Intercompany Management:

  • Responsible for the Intercompany processes implemented in CBS are fully compliant with the group core model (for goods, services and L500).
  • Responsible for all Intercompany activities in accordance with the Group accounting policies & procedures, and local regulations. The activities include invoicing, payment, reconciliation, resolution of discrepancies.
  • Responsible for ransfer prices (and year-end adjustments) are well documented.
  • Responsible for intercompany master data is updated in a timely manner.
  • Responsible to support the Reporting Lead to ensure that all intercompany positions are reported on time and in full, and that all remaining discrepancies are fully explained (eg. forex difference).

Audit & Compliance:

  • Support auditors and legal authorities by providing necessary information as needed.
  • Ensure that policies, processes, and business practices comply with and are maintained in accordance to Dan Go and other relevant legal and statutory requirements.


  • Bachelor degree in Accounting or other Business related fields or related experience.
  • At least 4 years experience of reporting/finance/financial statement audit.
  • Understanding of SAP is a plus, Accounting & Reporting Function knowledge.
  • Demonstrate good inter-personnel and communication skills with others at all levels.
  • Ability to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Good with detail, keen, able to work under pressure & working in team

Untuk melamar posisi Accounting & Reporting Manager, silahkan masuk ke sini.

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